Eliminate your power bills by using solar hybrid power

Wether you want to go completly off grid or you want to keep kenya power as a back up, our solar power systems will enable you to run on solar power eliminating the need of grid power.


How the solar hybrid system Works

We have three basic sytems to run house hold with light loads including lights,tv ,music system and phone charging to medium systems that run tv, lights, music system, fridge , laptop and other light loads to systems for heavy consuming house holds that have appliances like tvs, fridges, microwaves, iron box, washing machines and others. We also customize the system for individual houses as not all houses are the same.

The systems can be programed to run purley on solar power and use kenya power only as a back up. Hybrid inverter is a combination of traditional on-grid inverter,solar charge controller and back up inverter. During normal operation the hybrid inverter synchronizes solar power during the day your mains utility power and supplements your power usage using the grid if necessary . Batteries are used to supplement your usage during the evening hours. We design a solar hybrid system setup to best match your budget and house arrangements. We offer a large range of solar system packages to fit any budget and family size.

Main Features

This means you can program the inverter to prioritise solar and use kenya power as a back up or completly run on solar without reverting to kenya power or the grid.

Some hybrid inverters are designed with more efficiency in mind. Any time you have to move AC electricity to DC or back again, you’re going to lose some power due to conversion losses.

It can be cheaper to install a new hybrid inverter with a DC coupled battery than retrofitting an AC coupled battery to an existing system, as only one inverter and install is needed.


Benefits of a Solar Hybrid Solution

  • It helps in storing of excess solar energy.
  • During evening time this stored solar energy can be used. This process is known as self-use or load shifting.
  • Reduction in demand of through traditional source of energy.
  • Peak shaving option is also available.