• Q: Who is Green Camel ?

    A:We are a pioneering renewable Energy Solutions provider based in Nairobi Kenya. We specialize in solar systems,grid and off grid, power backup systems , solar hot water systems .We also have a vast experience in installation and system maintainance. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully installed solar sytems for Ngos , private companies as well as individual in Kenya , South Sudan , Rwanda , Zambia and Somalia. We have designed and installed solar system installations for The Ministry of Energy and Petrolium , Rural Electrification as well as other government parastatals. Our Customer care prioritized with 80% of our employees being trained technicians and engineers.Our understanding of the region makes us able to offer professional service to meet most of our client needs with the cost and effectiveness in mind..

  • Q:What Services/goods does Green Camel provide?

    A: We provide quality, highly efficient solar systems,grid and off grid, power backup systems , solar hot water systems .We also engage in installation and system maintainance

  • Q:What is the pricing structure?

    A:With an eye on quality we provide competitive and affordable prices of our products and services to our clients.

  • Q: How do I get my goods once I purchase online?

    A: We offer efficient same day dispatch of all confirmed orders countrywide. Orders within Nairobi are delivered within three working hours after the order is placed. Orders outside Nairobi are sent via various courier services e.g. Wells Fargo , G4s or any other means suggested by the customer. A small fee is charged based on the different locations countrywide.

  • Q:What other specialized services does Green Came offer?

    A: As highlighted,we have vast experience in the renewable energy and infrastructure domains

    • TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE- We have undertaken numerouse projects for Ngo's , governments of Kenya and South Sudan as well as various public and private institutions in the East African region. The Green Camel investments is licensed by The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) the National Construction Autority (NCA) as an electricl solar contractor and in building works contractor with focus on Solar Energy solutions.
    • SOLAR INFRASTRUCTURE- With over 10 years experience in supply and installation of solar PV lighting systems, solar hot water systems , power back up system as well as solar water pumping solutions , among others , we use our knowledge to give you the most workable and cost effective solution to your power needs.
    • ENERGY AUDIT-Our company is equipped with all necessary labor and equipment to perform all aspects of energy audit and system design while meeting safety and project requirement to its fullest. Our team is trained to successfully meet all of today’s recycling and LEED’s requirement.
    • SOLAR PROJECT MANAGEMENT-We under take management of solar plants ensuring smooth runing of the system and let you focus on your core business.

    For further enquiries,contact us on 0700 557 102