About Green Camel Solar solutions

We are Kenyas no.1 solar power solution provider with a highly trained and experienced engineering team. We offer design, supply and installation of solar PV and solar thermal systems for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

What is a solar system? A solar system is a combination of solar arrays , charge controller inverter and battery bank for the purpose of generating electricity by harnessing energy from sun rays. They can be solar pv, for generating electricity by photovoltaic effect or solar thermal by direct heating of water by the suns rays. Solar Pv systems can either be off gid or on grid.

Off grid systems are completely independent of the national grid while on grid , as the name suggests, are connected to the local grid and can feed in or out of it depending on the amount of electricity produced. The solar array produces electricity, when photons of light from the Sun hit the silicon surface,through the photo electric effect. The charge controller limits charging and discharging of the battery bank therefore preventing damage and increasing its lifespan. The inverter converts the DC current produced by the solar panel to AC current that most home appliances use. The battery bank stores energy produced to be used when there is insufficient sunlight to generate electricity from the solar panel.

We design rooftop, ground mount and carport solar systems according to space and aesthetic considerations to ensure our systems blend in with the client existing design and decor.

For all purchases within Nairobi we have an efficient delivery team that promises to deliver to your doorstep within 3 HOURS, during working hours and 24 hours for upcountry orders. We offer free deliveries within Nairobi CBD and very reasonable charges for Nairobi’s suburbs and upcountry locations.

Customer service: 0700 557 102