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Our premier civil Contracting division company specializing in earthwork; roadway construction; bridge construction; building and site demolition; and utility infrastructure including storm drainage, sanitary sewer, water distribution, and electrical/telecommunication distribution in the Kenyan Region. The companies principles have successfully performed work for a wide range of owners, counties, and general contractors in industries including utility infrastructure, transportation, railways, airports, commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, and national parks. Whether utilizing the latest in 3-D modeling technology during pre-construction to employing the most up-to-date software in project management and cost tracking, the Green Camel Investments team is dedicated to ensuring that your project proceeds within budget and on time. We are committed to excellence through every aspect of your project. What can we build for you?


we provide civil construction services for complex transportation infrastructure projects such as bridge,roads and tunnels in Kenya. We have delivered some of the Kenya’s most significant and technically challenging projects .


Green Camel Investments Ltd provides holistic solutions as well as advisory and engineering services that focus on the full spectrum of water and wastewater management issues in the natural and built environment. Employing methods and tools capable of assessing infrastructure system vulnerabilities, we help clients build more resilient water infrastructure, while minimizing capital spend and managing risks associated with the impacts of socioeconomic factors and climate change.


Our company is equipped with all necessary labor and equipment to perform all aspects of demolition, from a simple sidewalk to a whole building, while meeting safety and project requirement to its fullest. Our team is trained to successfully meet all of today’s recycling and LEED’s requirement.


The first task that our company typically performs at the onset of each project is site clearing. Our company has cleared in the last decade thousands of acres, utilizing all trees and stumps that were generated by the operation into the lumber and recycling industries.

We provide the design services to complete your project. Our advantage is having architectural, engineering and construction professionals available to draw information from and provide you with economical solutions to streamline the process.