About US

The Green Camel Investments ltd has been supplying , installing and maintaining diesel and petrol generators in Kenya for over a decade. We proide generators for stand by , prime , office and home power back up , temporary and emergency power situations.
We service all sectors of the economy and offer regular maintenance to ensure smooth working for our clients without down time. We advice on the best practices in terms of use and incooperate use of inverter chargers and battery banks to reduce generator running time hence minimise fuel costs and costs arising from wear and tear. We provide customized power solutions considering a ballance between cost and quality to ensure we have a solution for most of our clients.

We offer country wide site surveys to determine not only the size of generator required but also the accessories necessary to ensure safty and reliability are maintained. We offer quality and timely response to maintenance with our large technical team on stand by in case of emergencies. ...read more

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